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    Hacked Phantom Blade android, ios

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    Phantom Blade android, ios hack codes

    Crimson and Scarlet are orphaned twins, trained from young as deadly mercenaries. Skilled in every weapon, Crimson is a fearless warrior with a rash and unpredictable temper for battle. Let me remind you how to fight. First off to explore the dungeon, just tap and drag across the screen to move the map. To zoom use two fingers to move the map in or out. Now in order to clear a dungeon you'll need to defeat all the monsters on the map. Start off by moving towards them. You can move along the highlighted green tiles.

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    Welcome game Phantom Blade! Remember that each step you take will consume an action point (AP), so plan your moves wisely. When the tile turns orange near a monster it means that you're close enough to attack it. Tap on the monster to attack and execute that action. Remember that attacking will consume two action points. Monsters can attack you if you stand in front of them or pass through a red coloured tile. If your health gets to zero you'll pass out, then i'll have to come and get you, so be careful. It's good to remember which objects you can use and which objects you can't. Check your stats and sell, equip or repair your armor and weapons. Scrolls found in the dungeon can be learned or sold. To equip the skill you have learned, proceed to the training hall.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Phantom Blade android codes: hitting the monster on the side or the back will deal more damage than fighting it head on. How to use your stun skill, select the skill icon to show its range of attack and then select the target to use it. While the monster is stunned, you can attack it without it hitting you back. Oh one last thing; if you ever make a mistake just hit the undo button. Monsters will attack you when you're in their range of attack so sometimes it's better to use a ranged weapon. Better keep your distance to be safe. Buy weapons, armors and scrolls in market. Tap on the gear you want to purchase to display its stats and durability. Similarly, tap on the scroll to display its skill description.

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