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    Hacked ChessMon android, ios

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    ChessMon android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, hero! I'll guide you through all the challenges. You start the game with 1 Mana. Each turn, you will recover all Mana and gain 1 additional Max Mana. Using card will cost Mana. Moving range is in blue, while valid targets will be marked. You will win when enemy lost all health. Need to wait for one turn before they can act. After being attacked by a normal attack, enemy will counter attack if the attacker is within attack range. Focus the attacks of your chessmon on the enemy king!

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    Welcome game ChessMon! At the end of each turn, units within the collecting area will be compared. If you have less units than your enemy, your cooldown will remain unchanged, otherwise it will be reduced by 1. Taunt, can immobilize enmies within 1 tile, and limit their attack target to that taunt minion. Banners cannot move, but can attack if their attack are increased. When the swirld is on, you can replace one card in the card library. Archer – range attack can cross 1 tile and hit the enemy, but archer has a blind spot. Blind spot means no counter attack. Battlecry triggers when the chessmon is put in the battlefield, and this one can boost attack. Boost the attack of your archer and deal a fatal blow to the enemy king. Reaper attack will stun the target instead of drag it, if there's a ubit between them.

    Secrets cheat gameplay ChessMon android codes: When an archer attacks a mage, both sides have only one position to trigger counter attack. Kings will not trigger trap cards. Berserker, lancer, multi hit can hit other enemies by attacking the magic tower. When using a battlecry, you may need to select a target as per requirement. Bunner buffs are like auras, units within 1 tile will be affected, while those who move out of range will lost the effects. Login 8 days to get a legendary card pack for free. Archer and mages are fragile, put them in the back row for better protection. Magic tower will send out a powerful blast against one player when the cooldown of the other player reaches 0. The unit with windfury can act twice every turn. Ordinary minions can only act once. Units will be taunted ( brown aura) when they are next to any enemy taunt minion.

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