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    Afterpulse android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, commander! Follow this guide through the game's menus. Training – tap here to try the single player mode. Every time you play this mode, you will spend energy. Tap “play” to select map and start a training match. Go back to the inventory to check out the new weapon. Here you can see your weapons arsenal. Shop – this is a direct access to the shop. You'll unlock more stuff by leveling up, so keep playing! You can customize the game controls while playing. Just pause the game and tap on controls.

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    Welcome game Afterpulse! tap and swipe the screen in all directions to look around. Tap and hold up on the directional pad to run. Tap the shoot button to fire your weapon. Swipe the reload button to swap to your secondary weapon. Get experience faster by playing multiplayer battles. KPM 5 – fully automatic. Basic and reliable assault rifle with good overall stats. This short barrel weapon has one of the best ranges of fire and accuracy within its class. Restricted weapons – get one primary or secondary weapon of 4,5, or 6 stars. To get new weapons and gear, open these crates. You'll havemore chances of getting better weapons if you open better crates. Get more experience and a higher match score by killing mastodon enemies in training mode.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Afterpulse android codes: Get coins by playing the training mode and completing challenges. Match rewards – you'll give experience, cash, and new gun. Tap on the fusion button to access the fusion menu, then “power up” - level up a weapon while improving its stst until it reaches its maximum level. First, select the weapon you want to improve. Once you've chosen the weapon you want to improve, you must select the weapon that will be used as fusion material. You can select one or more weapons from your inventory. You can add up to 6 weapons at once to be used as fusion material. The more weapons you own, the more material you'll have to level up other weapons.

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