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    The Trail android, ios hack codes

    Make your fortune in the new world. Fortune objectives: travel to the new world; find a helful duide; follow the trail to Eden folls; collect and craft items; trade crafted wares; settle in Eden folls; take on a profession; develop a community; find my perfect partner; raise a family; build business empire; make fortune.
    Welcome to the game! You're about to embark on a unique adventure. Let's start with the basics! First drag the left and right to move the camera. Just swipe up now to start walking. Let's begin your journey!

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    Welcome game The Trail! I'll help you reach the first river. Let's head toward the first camp! Hold on your character and drag up or down to control your speed. Soon you might get shoes to help you go even faster. Heart – is your energy. The faster you run, the quicker it goes down. Make sure you never run out! See those columns of smoke? They all come from different campsites. Camps are a safe place to rest and restore your energy. You can put small items in this convenient pocket. Put an item in your pocket to free some space in your pack.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Trail android codes: Cute bird will stay with you until you have collected all the items. He'll fly back and tell me where to reach you, bless him. Take care of him. Oh and he loves apples. When he bird whistles it means a quest item is nearby. Examine it carefully by tapping and holding on the item. You can eat the apple to restore energy. Eating food will help you survive during hard times. Now i'll teach you how to make a pair of moccasins. First, open the crafting menu! You've done well finding scraps. Here are the missing ones to complete this recipe. Move them onto the crafting grid.

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