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    Hacked Oceanhorn android, ios

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    Oceanhorn android, ios hack codes

    I'm leaving tonight and i'm not coming back, Kid. My fate is tied to a monster from the depths of time Oceanhom. I hear its horrible sound echoing from the sea it is coming for me again. This is all happening sooner than I thought, and i'm forced to act. What ever happens next, i'm not going to lose you like I lost your mother. This necklace is the last thing left of her. Keep it close and guard it well. I will give you my old notebook from my travels. It will guide your way to an island of a friend.

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    Welcome game Oceanhorn! He will help you to prepare for what is coming. I know i'm asking too much of you, but this is the only way to stop Oceanhorn. The time has come...A long time ago these islands were the mighty kingdoms of Arcadia. The age of enloghtenment lead Arcadians to outstanding acientific discoveries. While carrying an object, keep pressing the action button and target with move controls. All starting weapons are provided in your inventory regardless of your starting weapon. You can change your weapon in inventory any time.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Oceanhorn android codes: Coins, hearts, and other items are hidden all over the world. Reset button – it magically returns objects to their origignal positions and you can start solving the puzzle from scratch. Slide your finger to move. Minimap may reveal secrets. You need a master key to open chest. Checkpoint – frim the arcadian era. You will magically spawn next to it if something bad happens to you. Checkpoints can be found all over the world. Remember to activate them whenever you see one. And don't worry, all your progress and everything you have collected is saved all the time. Push objects with the action button.

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