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    Olympus Rising android, ios hack codes

    This great city was once the home of the gods on mount Olympus! But many faithful began to worship me and Zeus above the other gods, and the resulting jealousy soon turned to war! Now this is all that is left. We have no choice but to fight our former friends and restore these ruins no their former glory. Hercules, the legendary hero, awaits you on the battlefield to help drive out the enemy and take back mount Olympus! Allow me to fight by your side. I will destroy our enemies and win back mount. Let's make history.

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    Welcome game Olympus Rising! We have taken mount and it will not be long until we can restore order. Let's begin rebuilding! Let us build an unstoppable army and unleash the fury of Olympus upon those whi caused the war. We should test the strength of archers in battle. Let's scout the nearby islands and find an enemy for target practice. One of the gods who fled the city is trying to creaste a false mount on a nearby island. Let's drive him out! Have your archers attack from a distance and protect them well. This will get most out of their strong attacks. Build an ambrosia temple to produce the ambrosia your heroes need to conquer islands. Upgrade the temple to produce more ambrosia, so that your heroes can go to battle more often.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Olympus Rising android codes: when attackers resurrect their hero or use invocations you will get gems. Some decorations can be placed in your defense, for attackers to see in battle. Donate gold to your alliance regularly to grow stronger together. Achilles is resistant to almost all types of damage, he can also boost the resilience of your army. Deploy a defense fleet to guarantee your island's safety. Always collect the resources left on an island after you conquer it. If we conquer islands which produce ambrosia, we can use the ambrosia for our war. Quickly destroy spears from the Apollon tower to prevent them shocking your units. We must protect our army. Allow me to take out the greatest threats so that they can fight without fear of death.

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