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    Endless Fables android, ios hack codes

    Poseidon took revenge on King Minos by cursing his wife, Pasiphae, to give birth to the minotaur, a man with the head of a bull. He was so monstrous that Minos ordered a labyrinth constructed to hold him. After defeating Athens, Minos forced them to send 7 boys and girls to be sacrificed to the minotaur. One year,a young Athenian, Theseus, volunteered to kill the Minotaur. Minos's daughter, Ariadne, fell in love with Theseus, giving him thread to help him leave the labytinth and a sword to defeat the enemy.

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    Welcome game Endless Fables! By discovering the legendary thread of ariadne, my colleague, Dr. Robert , has found evidence that the minotaur could be real. I hope this presentation has aroused your curiosity and that you're as excited as I am.
    All sorts of things have happened since Robert brought that blasted thread here from Crete. Strange moises, things falling – that accident last week! And now hooded men are sneaking about. After that man left, the faucet started glowing. Most people know about the Minotaur, but only a select few know what really happened inside that labyrinth. Even Theseus thought he killed the Minotaur, but he was wrong. Ariadne's Thread guided him through the maze, but without the Thread's magic crystals, his sword wasn't strong enough to destroy the minotaur.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Endless Fables android codes: use headphones or speakers for the best experience. Press the info button to get more details on the minigame. If you get stuck, use the skip button it's charged. Flip the tiles on the book spines over to reveal he matching pairs. Use items in the scene to interact with objects and solve puzzles. A small plus symbol on the item indicates that you can inspect it closer and interact with it. Each of the Thread's abilities is distinguished by colored crystals. The red crystal can melt gold statues. The map allows for fast travel between locations, except blocked ones and those not yet visited.

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