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    Hacked Fairy Elements android, ios

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    • amr ore, bronze — oln5Ah ;

    • steel — blLUNS ;

    • gold ore — ySB34O ;

    • leather — ucyVF3 ;

    • sacred leaf — 5m7lTA ;

    • silver — wbmgWs .

    Fairy Elements android, ios hack codes

    The world is full of a mysterious power known as material. Two tribes, the Humelia and demonius Tribes, have fought bitter wars, unending, over the power of this material. However, when a certain Humelia knight and his attendant appear on the scene, the tide of the war between the two tribes takes a great turn...On to the next part of the story...If we can defeat the demonius king, the victory of the humelia tribe is certain. The future of the kingdom is in your hands.

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    Welcome game Fairy Elements! If we get into the visual range of an enemy, shown in green, we'll have to fight that enemy. When you are walking in the field or in dungeons demons will attack! Fight skillfully to beat them. “Special” is a special command that raises abilities. It it availbable when the EP gauge (which rises a little each turn) reaches 100%. Vacuum slash – inflict damage against all enemies with a sword skill. Power slash – inflict damage against a single enemy 2 times, with a sword skill. Anywhere battles allow you to gain the resources you need for fortifying, in an effective way. Choose the difficulty level an the battle type at the reception. The battle will then begin ( 10 -20 consecutive battles). If you are victorious in a battle, the next battle will begin immediately. If you are defeated, or when you clear all the battles, the anywhere battle will end.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fairy Elements android codes: snappy – enemies are fairly easy to defeat. Great for rpg beginners! Deep – enemies are strong, and pretty awkward! Plan battles carefully! You can check the details of the basic controls from the help in the menu. How to check the world map – from the map button displayed on the screen, you are now able to check the world map. If there is a village, town or dungeon you have visited, you can use the warp button at the top-right of the world map to move instantly to that location. If you are defeated part way through a series of battles, you will be returned to the reception. However, you will be able to keep the resources you gained up until that point. If you clear each level to the end Anywhere battles, you can gain a special reward.

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