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    Hacked Angel Stone android, ios

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    Angel Stone android, ios hack codes

    Are you here to join the Resistance? It's not safe here, let's move. Follow me by tapping on the indicated location. Enemies are near! Here, these stones are weak, but they may be enough to hold them back. Use these skills to survive! Not sure how to use the stone? I'll show you the ropes. They're going to surround you! Clear the way with a skill that hits many enemies at once. Swipe downwards on the screen with your finger to activate the skill! Use gesture controls to activate skills. Gesture skills can be used in the 4 cardinal direction (up, down, left, right). Click normal attack to attack the demon nearest to you.

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    Welcome game Angel Stone! Berserker – once mercenaries, berserkers felt at home on the battlefield, reveling in fortune and glory after every victory. As the hellspawn toppled Earthly kingdoms, the war they once knew seemed like choldren playing at war. Now, empowered by the Angel stones, and driven by desperation these war are ready to survive and destroy. Gunslinger – noble and proud, the gunslingers fight for the survival of honor. Once defenders of kingdoms, always defenders of men, gunslingers remain resolute: wielding a passion as fiery as the weapons from which they draw their names. Shadow mage – wielding unbelievable arcane abilities, the shadow mages care little of earthly affreirs, instead pushing the demons back to hell so they can continue exploring their strength – and punish anyone or anything who would dare to stand in between them and power.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Angel Stone android codes: make sure to enable alerts from the options so you don't miss out on any important information! To start your mission connect the cells from start to end. Each cell has its own use. Do you see the weapon icon? Select it as part of your path for a chance for weapon drops. You might need one of those if you keep provoking monolithic demon generals. Keep an eye out as you acquire new skills, different missions may require different skills. You can press and drag the screen to use skills. Pay attention if you want to survive. Survival is a good thing. Shadow mages consume mana upon using skills. Mana replenishes every second. As you become stronger you can level up your angel stones. You cannot level up your skills higher than your current level, that is unless you want to die a horrific and painful death as otherworldly energy consumes you.

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