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    Hacked Afterlife android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack dust - UyhcUm ;

    • essence — oln5Ah ;

    • enhance — blLUNS ;

    • giftstone— ySB34O ;

    • slots — ucyVF3 ;

    • gold urn — 5m7lTA ;

    • stamina — wbmgWs .

    Afterlife android, ios hack codes

    Vigor – vital energy makes the player strong and steadfast. Significantly increases damage that is dealth to an adversary and boosts your health and defensive abilities. Dexterity makes the player more resilient, stronger and fast. Increases the likelihood that you will deal a critical hit; it allows you to enter a state of fury more quickly, and it makes it more difficult to hit you. Willpower makes the player stronger and increase the attack damage., you can improve your main attributes by accumulating enough spiritual dust. Increases stamina, boosts magical damage, and increases the likelihood you're your adversary will be hit.

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    Welcome game Afterlife! By presing on the card area you inflict damage on your adversaries. You earn experience points for each enemy that you defeat. Critical hits – from time to time, the allows you to deal critical hits, which are several times more powerful than ordinary ones. The open now button – after unsealing an urn, this button allows you to get a small prize right away. Wait button – if you press the wait button, the prize will become a little bit bigger, but the urn will end up in the Miracle store and will only be unsealed after a certain period of time has elapsed. Signs – you may shift from the attack sign to the defensive sign by swiping from right to left. By shifting signs you change the attributes and special ability that stays active when your finger remains. Under each player's name you will see the indicator of his active battle sign.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Afterlife android codes: game menu indicator – the arrow changes color depending on events in the game. Orange – a new element is about to appear in the game menu. Green – a new prize is about to appear. If all slots are occupied, the new urn will be unsealed automatically. In order to ensure that you get the opportunity to get a big prize every time, you may have to purchase an additional slot. Combined hits increase the
    damage dealt to an adversary. The damage is dozens or even hundreds of times greater than that of an ordinary attack. Rapid attack - the player strikes fast blows by holding down his or her finger on the screen. Rapid attacks spend stamina. Once the stamina is depleted, you will not be able to strike until the stamina is 30% restored.

    Tips Afterlife: Defensive sign - You activate the defensive sign by holding down your finger on the screen. Each hit by an adversary will decrease your stamina instead of health. Once your stamina is depleted, the protection barrier will fail. Stamina cannot be restored when the defensive sign is activated. Magical sign - Hold down your finger on the screen to use the magical sign in battle. Giftstone - These are very rare artifact stones left by powerful spirits of ancient times.
    Giftstones fall out of enemies or urns or are obtained through the rite of offering to the ancients.Managing signs - You may insert giftstones into the top part of any sign. Your battle skills will change depending on the type of giftstone. Giftstone properties - This section shows you the giftstone properties. Here you can see what the giftstone does if you insert it into a sign. You can enhance selected giftstones. This increases their properties and increases the performance.

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    Giftstones have an endurance limit. They have to be repaired before use and their condition has to be monitored. Sign properties - On this panel you can see what the sign does if a giftstone is inserted into it.
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