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    Hacked Star Wars Puzzle Droids android, ios

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    Star Wars Puzzle Droids android, ios hack codes

    BB8, what is that? You are missing some of your memories? And is uppose it is up to me to sort everythig out! As usual! Now, in order to find the memories we're looking for, we need to search BB8's archive system. Time to train for some real time pvp battles with players across the world. On the left is your legendary squad. On the right are your evil enemies. To attack match 3 gold jewels, to heal – heart jewels. For the leader to attack, match its faction jewels. Keep matching till you defeat your enemy. Collect mana and unleash your hero's fury!

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    Welcome game Star Wars Puzzle Droids! Swipe to match 3 circuits of the same color. Keep matching circuits of the same color to complete the level. Matching 4 circuits in a straight line to create a power surge. Match the power surge to clear an entire row or column. Match circuits in a T or L shape to create an electroshock special. Match the electroshock to clear all eight circuits around it. Goal – you must match this many circuits to complete the level. Match 5 circuits in a straight line to create an emp special. The emp – clear all circuits with the same color. Swap two special circuits to combine them for a bigger effect.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Star Wars Puzzle Droids android codes: each leader has a special magical skill. Water skill – freeze opponent's board for 5 seconds. Fire skill – mega attack. Get your skill rating up ( now called Valor) and keep it up to receive special badges every month! Match 4 circuits in a square to create a magnet special. Match the magnet to clear one circuit or blocker that brings you closer to your goald. Swap two special circuits to combine them for a bigger effect. Corusca gems are formed from a rare and valuable crystal, used as currency in some parts of the galaxy. To clear the rocks, match the circuits next to the rocks until they break.

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