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    Hacked PigBang android, ios

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    PigBang android, ios hack codes

    You're late! Training started half an hour ago! Get your snout over to the shooting range! Ok snuffles, you need to keep the wolfpack out of that tunnel at any cost. Don't waste time reloading. Use your secondary weapon. Time for some extra firepower. Let's sideline those snot rags with some abilities! You don't have enough energy. Attack enemies to build up your energy level. This is tense! We're going to need some porkifications on the battlefield.

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    Welcome game PigBang! Water storages are located in both bases and gradually drain over time. If either storage empties, the battle is lost. You need to capture water points to keep your water storage filled and stay in the fight. To capture a water point, you'll need to defeat the Sentinel and take its key. Take the key and stay close to the water point to capture it. The green marker indicates your captured water point. Captured each point slows drainage from your main storage. You'll also earn extra gold and additional bonuses for capturing point. Capturing the bottom center will release more reinforcements to attack the enemy base. Capturing the top base will release more wolfpack troops to attack the enemy base. Each wolfpack member that infiltrates a player's base increases water loss.

    Secrets cheat gameplay PigBang android codes: shorty after the match begins, neutral monsters will start to attck the bases. Follow the green arrow if you get lost. Move your trots with the left stick. With enough energy, you can use abilities for extra damage. Tap the highlighted cell to build towers. They will attack any wolf on sight. The water storage levels for our team and the enemy's team. Keep in mind, you can build porkifications on captured territory to protect your base. Build your defences on the hilighted cells. The middle water point activates the defensive turret at your base. Also keep an eye out for the portal. You can jump from your base right to the centre of the arena. Once you pass the time mark, the wolfpack will emerge to attck both bases.

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