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    Hacked Dream Defense android, ios

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    • unlimited ammo — v1R74z .

    Dream Defense android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to the armory! You can buy ammo and upgrades here. Survival level is harder than the rest. Let's stock up on ammo first. Need extra ammo? Don't forget to buy some at the store. Know what enemies lie ahead and check your equipment before strating a level. Upgrade our weapons to be more powerful. You have enouh dream ore for an upgrade. Use dream ore and coins to upgrade weapons and clip size.

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    Welcome game Dream Defense! Tap on monster to shoot. Tap and hold to shoot continuously. Firecracker – damages multiple enemies. Upgrade your items often to beat tougher enemies. Refill your energy drink to play more levels. Drag firecracker and drop on enemies. Tap sheep for bonus rewards. Paintball gun – splash damage, good against clumped enemies. The super robot stomp squishes everything at once. Collect dream ore from lunchboxes and sheep mission rewards. Kill multiple enemies in one shot to earn more coins.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dream Defense android codes: watch ads to double rewards. Send sheep on missions to get more dream ore for our upgrades. Vetran sheep – returns in 12 hours with huge reward. Sneak peek level lets us try future items for free. Use the paintball gun or trusket shotgun to hit multiple monsters. Win the level with the provided items and ammo. Dart bow – shoots piercing darts, good against bubble shields. Want to stop enemies? Use the cream freezer.

    how to enter hack cheats Dream Defense.

  • how and where enter
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