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    Hacked VainGlory android, ios

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    • mystery chest — v1R74z .

    VainGlory android, ios hack codes

    Poisoned shiv – buy this against high sustain targets. Echo – the last ability to be put on cooldown is refreshed. Slumbering husk – taking 20% of your maximum health in damage over 2 second fortifies your remaining health for 2 second. Atlas – counters enemies with high attack speed, but you must get close to the enemies to affect them. Trads – help you entire team engage the enemy team or flee from battle.

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    Welcome game VainGlory! Ardan – revenge -fueled father who protects allies with barriers. Turrets prioritize attacking minions. But if you or an ally attacks an enemy player, turrets will shift focus to attacking heroes. Jungler – plan to dominate the jungle and menace the enemy carry. Armor reduces damage from basic attacks. Halcyon potion – also restores energy! And the instant heal can save your life in close battles.

    Secrets cheat gameplay VainGlory android codes: come back every day to claim your chest. Increase your season level to improve chest rewards. Mystery chest – now 35% chance of a hero or shin. Weapon items boost the damage of your basic attacks; crystal items boost your hero ability. Shield pierce makes a % of your crystal damage bypass shield. Block dangerous but predictable abilities with your fast reflexes.

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