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    Dragon Story Holidays android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, Caretaker. I am Dragon Mother, and these are the Dragon Isles. Restore the islands by filling them with Dragons! We begin! Add a fire dragon egg to your nest. The egg is about to hatch! Build a habitat for the dragon. Hot rocks are like warm pillows to a sleeping Red dragon. Gold can be used to instantly finish any task. Farms produce special foods for your dragons. You earn coins for raising dragons, but you must collect them. So many hungry dragons! Help them grow stronger by planting some impruberries.

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    Welcome game Dragon Story Holidays! Let me guess, you're that new Caretaker everyone's talking about? Anona tells me you've got a level 3 dragon already, impressive. I'm kind of an expert at evolving dragons, so you'll need my help to make that dragon stronger.
    Magmi has a tiny heart, but it beats with bravery! Fire Dragon babies are amongst the feistiest, so you'd better raise Magmi fast, before this little one. Dragons must share a color with the habitat they live in. Your forest dragon is green, so you should build a green grove. Flower bed – bring some color to the paths between your dragon habitats. The cool island breeze will pick up the fresh fragrance and whisk it throught the area.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Story Holidays android codes: gold can get you food immediately. Hatch a forest dragon so your fiery friends has a playmate. Dragons require a specialized diet of magical foods in order to grow and thrive. These farms produce only the finest dragon cuisine! Dragons love food, but you need an Evolution Temple to make Char grow stronger. At certain points in dragon's lives, food isn't enough to make them grow. You need an Evolution Temple to evolve your dragons to the highest levels. You can be a good Caretaker by yourself, but you can't be a great Caretaker without the help of friends! Wait until you see a hybrid dragon! Hybrids are born when you breed two dragons of different colors. You'll need to build a Breeding Den to start. The Breeding Den is a lovely place to start a new dragon family.

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