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    KROSMAGA android, ios hack codes

    My divine friends...To brighten up our immortality a little, i've created a new game: Krosmaga! Even if we can't fight each other, other people can in our place! We'll see who has the best disciples...When it comes to lighting, i've seen it all! My warriors are the strongest by far! I'll take more than a simple match to prove it, godIop.. But let's have a little tournament to start off with.

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    Welcome game KROSMAGA ! Get ready to suffer. Protect your dofus, and get to one of your opponent's dofus. Place your summins on the board, help them reach the enemy. Summons will only move automatically after one turn. Each player's summons move forward automatically at the end of their turn. Attack – damage inflicted by the summons. Repels a summons toward the Dofus on its owner's side. As you can see, each of you has 1 fake dofus to mislead your opponent. Now i'm going to mix the Dofus up, and we'll see who's the luckiest! Keep the cards that are cheap to play at the beginning of the match in order to be able play quickly.

    Secrets cheat gameplay KROSMAGA android codes: Each turn your available action points increase by 1. Appearance – the effect is executed when the summons enters the battlefield. Once placed, the red piwi lets you improve one of your creature's attack. Select the creature you want to improve. Armor – extra protection that can't be healed like HP. First strike – attacks first, if the opposing summons is killed, will not suffer damage. Start by choosing the cards you want to keep in your hand. Replace expensive cards to draw ither ones. Prisms to gain extra Ap, draw cards, or inflict damage on the enemy Dofus. If a player destroys one of the opponent's fake Dofus, their summoning zone is enlarged.

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