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    Tactics Squad android, ios hack codes

    Prime knight victor – a perfect tanker who defends the allies from enemy attacks. Counter guard – enchant knockback skill to allies and share their damage from enemies. Taunt blitz – be targeted by all opponents. Berserl – it greatly increases attack power and speed but largely decreases defense. Archer can deal quite fearsome chain attacks. If you use the trick tactic, the following effects will be activated. The trick attack pattern will be activated, making ally melee units attack the enemy ranged units from behind. The trick tacticks will provide the heroes an energy drain effect. This effect recovers the hero's health in proportion to the damage received.

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    Welcome game Tactics Squad! Cold blooded inquisitor Agnes -a cold blooded inquisitor who attacks all enemies expertly. Demonlition counter – upgrade damage and attack all enemies every 7 seconds. Punishment trick – upgrade all allies' critical rate and critical attack. The tactic attribute berserk sharply increases physical attack for a short time. However, you must use it very carefully because it also decreases your defense. When the tactics gauge is full, you can choose a tactic. Tap the icon to use the blitz tactic. If you use the blitz tactic, the following effects will be activated. The heroes with blitz tactics will increase their attack speed and movement speed. Cash shop – where you can recruit heroes or obtain fatestones and other items required to evolve and upgrade heroes.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Tactics Squad android codes: each hero can use a skill over time (cooldown). When a hero's skill becomes available, its icon shines. You can use the battle coins you earn to buy items in the coin shop.It is more advantageous to use tactics against enemy formations than to deal random attacks. Use the blitz tactic to finish battle as quickly as possible. This tactic concentrates all your ttack power on defeating the enemy. Command tactic attribute can focus all attacks on one target. Curse – it impedes the target's ability for a certain time. Heroes with no tactic attribute simply use basic attacks. Raiders HQ – this is where you can manage your heroes. Coin shop – where you can buy items with coins that you obtain from each battle mode content.

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