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    Hacked Immortal DreamX android, ios

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    • vip status — LG8rI4 ;

    • unlimited vitality — AtqbTo .

    Immortal DreamX android, ios hack codes

    The legendry relics...However, they scatter all over world. The earth is almost ruined. A group of heroes appear in the legend. They fight and collect relics.They fight for the happines of all. In the heroes' world the heroes has notice the invasion of demons. Battle between god and demons has lasted a thousand years. What shall the spirit of shaft sword do.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game Immortal DreamX! Control the joystic to move the character. Tap the button to attack. Use certain gestures to make operation easier. Tap “attack” to apply normal attack and tap continuously to get better effects. Tap the skill bottom to cast it. Wild stab – deals damage on tergets around with stun and absorb. The higher the level and difficulty of the multiplayer instance is, the more points you'll get after defeating boss. Skill of fire ball – attack object and the surrounding with frost and cause points of harm. Frozen effect reduces enemy's movement and speed of attack, lasting 5 seconds. Penetrating dash – dashes for 450 of distance, and deals damage on targets around (with omnipotent. While being released, it can remove debuffs like float, as well as casting omnipotent on caster.)

    Secrets cheat gameplay Immortal DreamX android codes: meet ahievement requirements in adventure to restore health. Meet requirements to get 3 star rating. Use proper skill consequences to defeat enemies. Become overlord to get extra rewards. The existence of rules is up to the survival of refree. Check in several days in a row to get corresponding rewards. Top up 60 ingots everyday to get better vip check in rewards. You can check your ranking in friend ranking list! Your pet can equip 3 skills at most. Remember to adjust the consequence of these skills to deal highest damage.

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