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    Dungeon Warriors android, ios hack codes

    All my kind sealed away in that tomb of a blade, but I was lonely. Did they think a demon could change? That I would not release my family? We scattered Pandora's sword and marched on the kingdoms of your imprisoners. Though their descendants rule, we make no distinction. All who oppose demonkind will suffer the same.
    Grom Forest, the ancient sealed shrine is now being invaded by monsters. We entered the depths ot the forest and were able sense the taint from the monsters. We proceeded ahead carefully, hoping to find the Fragment of Pandora's Sword soon...

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    Welcome game Dungeon Warriors! Scouts report a dragon ahead, which is strange for these woods. Such noble creatures rarely venture near our kingdoms. Olaf – powerful front row warrior, self regenerates health, AOE damage. Dragon bite, what the dark force fears, can cause damage to a target and enemies nearby. Only the powerful hero – Olaf can use it. Hephae – powerful middle row priest, group heal, enhance tank. Freyja – powerful back row mage, single damage, single control. Dragonphase – one of the most advanced magic that can cause damage to a target and turn he into a sheep for 2 seconds. Dragon shouts – one of the essential skills. Hephae uses dragon shouts to heal all warriors' health. You can hunt down monsters in various dungeons to get gold and gear items. You can also spend diamonds to enhance these endeavors and receive more rewards!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon Warriors android codes: As your heroes attack, your enemies drop skill bubbles, which you can gain by tapping. Tap a hero's portrait to use their skill. Soul gems can be exchanged for hero shards in the hero store. Tap auto equip to automatically equip all compatible gear. Magic dust can be exchanged for equipment shards in the gear shop. The more you explore the dungeon, the more spaces you unlock. Dungeon warriors will bring an enjoyable game experience for you. With a dragon at our side and heroes at your call, we stand a chance against demons. In battles, the more skill bubbles you get, the more powerful your skills will be.

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