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    Hacked Devil Age android, ios

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    Devil Age android, ios hack codes

    Hero, prince Kim under attack in Airy villa. I'm chaet-on, i've been waiting for you. You are very important for the demon world, hero. Let me introduce you to Sylon, he will expand it to you. You need you to help the demon world! The character who reaches the end of the order bar first will attack. The order bar at the bottom of the screen shows when you can attack. There are three types of demons, ice, fire and wind. They work in different ways when they fight against each other. Ice skills can deal double damage to fire enemies.

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    Welcome game Devil Age! Kim Mansion – a chivalrous woman with great martial skills and high magical attack. Warrior Bureau – the detectives is a symbol of justice, having great physical attack. Northland Barracks – the spearman is good at surviving and physical defense. Arch danger – a mysterious lady who has super survival ability and magical defense. Let me tell you this: the demon book can help you summon demons. Evolve your demons to boost their stars. You have the chance to activate certain skills. Accumulate stars to claim chests and upgrade elemental skills. Complete daily quests to obtain devotion. When you have enoigh devotion points, you will be able to open a chest.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Devil Age android codes: guild collection will be available when your guild reaches level 3. Complete daily quest to claim rewards and balens. There are lots of treasures in the abyss. If you cast an ice skill against fire creatures, they will be sent to the beginning of the order bar. Buy big soul potion and have the chance to get 5 star devil. The more stars you win in dungeons, the better! After battles you wil have 10 stars and you will be able to alaim a reward. Every time you achieve a goal you will be rewarded! The green arrow indicates our ally suppresses that enemy. Evolve your demons to bbost their stats. You have the chance to activate certain skills.

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