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    Rune Quest android, ios hack codes

    The world originated from chaotic. The lord of light dave form to the chaotic and left it to the Exarch. The humans summoned the power of the demons to fight the Exarch, and destroyed the upper real of light. The humans were then enslaved by the demons. The prophets summoned dragons from another world to eliminate the demons, but the dragons became addicted to the power left behind in the upper realm – runes. They close to stay, playing fast and loose with the fates of other races.

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    Welcome game Rune Quest! Damn it! The dragon took away the Rune! We must hurry up! We had to stop the dragons' plan to destroy the world, so we decided to form an alliance to defeat them. The only way we could succeed was to summon the souls of legendary heroes to join the fight, Until then we need to open the portal of the Miracle Island. It could not be detected by any magic. You would have found your legion there, and then used them to overthrow the reign of the dragons.
    This fortress is called Arcadia, which is a legacy of the Upper realm's creation, and this cannot be detect by the dragons. Now it is our stronghold in the war against the dragonkin. You can construct the buildings you need here and summon hero souls.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Rune Quest android codes: a runeshard can only be used once. You can summon for free in the Altar several times a day. Using runic skill will consume runic energy ( the yellow bars). Use runic energy to cast more powerful abilities. Healing skill can heal the wounded. Check your task every noon and super time to get free energy. Every hero's ultimate skill cost no runic energy. Use it wisely. Tap on a enemy will cast common skill to the target. Common skill will charge runic enemy of the hero. Still use common skill to charge the runic energy. When the runic energy is ready, use runic skill. An envelope will be shown on the mailbox when there is new mail. Tap icons in the action queue to see the buff debuff status. Attack the physical class enemy first. Magical class enemy will inflict great damage to physicall hero.

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