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    Babel Rush android, ios hack codes

    Greeting warrior red! Recently my people is getting attacked by monsters. For the safety of the innocents, we need to fight fight against these monsters and conquer lands! Here, have some gems to recruit new heroes. Please, expand our territory and defeat the slimes! Save the innocents. The slime has dropped gems! Use them to level up the heroes and make them strong. You can inspire your heroes by tapping on a land tile. Inspired heroes fight and loot gems faster. Go and save the world.

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    Welcome game Babel Rush! Now is the time to build your expedition. An expedition is a party containing 3 memebers. Mage – exceptionally powerful in ranged battles. This highly intelligent mage causes confusion in the enemies. Warrior – a pious warrior with enormous strength, versatile with wepons. He can use two-handed weapons easily. Assassin – with an inborn agility and nimbleness, the assassin dodges and slashes away in mid to long ranged battle. A shadow rushing from one monster to the next, dominating the battlefield. Barbarian – this one can withstand any number of enemies with unquenched strength and stamina. More powerful than any other in melee combat. Archer – penetrates any foe with an arrow. This archer unleashes multi-shots to dominate in ranged battles.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Babel Rush android codes: you can summon items for free every so often in the shop. I am the guardian who has been guiding you. I have fought against the leader of the monsters in the past. I will now pass on my experience to you. I will teach you the basics of the battle. I will first the movement control. Use the movement pad and move forward by following the indicator. You will take great damage if you don't dodge traps, so beware. You can attack by pressing the attack button. Remember that you can acquire gold by destroying pots. Treasure boxes in each stage – attack it and open the box. You have to get rid of all monsters before breaking the gate. More powerful monsters? At times like this, you can become stronger by using fever.

    Tips Babel Rush: you can control the speed of the battle if you use speed button. An elite monster – you must defeat him in order to reach the highest floor. If you complete area 1, the tower of eternity becomes available. There are 5 attributes: nature, fire, water, light, and darkness. Only your weapon has an attribute, so remember that. Don't forget the attribute food chain. Before exploring, there's a few things you should know. You can check the floor of the current tower. You can view a short overview of your expedition, and hire mercenaries and friends. Go ahead and hire a mercenary, since it's your first time.

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