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    Hidden Dragon android, ios hack codes

    You are close to the Emperor. To my surprise is that you have managed to escaped one wisp of your soul. Let me put out of your misery. Use the direction keys to move. Cast skills aginst the Void dragon. Soul demon is powerful, if you fall, I will face him alone.
    You have been in coma for three days after fainting during training. Three days have passed, looks like your wounds have fully heal. You eed to be ready for the Xiao Clan Carnival. We are looking forward to your performance. A good weapon in the correct hands will be able to deal powerful damage.

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    Welcome game Hidden Dragon! We have sealed a big amount of energy in the wooden dummy, go try if you have the power to break the seal. I heard you have made rapid progress, I am looking forward to your performance! We hope that you will bring glory to our clan. Go to the stone monument and input your power inside. The stone monument will show your current zen level. As your strength continues to improve, a lot of the original simple fighting skill will have a more powerful effect and effect, of course, these will depends on your person understanding.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hidden Dragon android codes: player can complete 10 clan quests at most a day. Player can increase power through combat spirit system. When the chest starts buring you may get the rewards. Raise your battle soul to learn new skills and become stronger. A lots deluxe gifts awaits when your purchase reach cetain amount. You need to contact your friends regularly. Gifting zen is a good way.

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