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    Shadowblood android, ios hack codes

    In the beginning, the Gods created a continent called Narr. And gave birth to Arcand, a guardian dragon, as Punisher and guardian of the land. Arcand, who kept the peace on Narr for a long time, missed the gods who had created him. Arcand perfomed a ceremony to summon the gods of creation, but when the summoning portal opened, Belzav, the God of evil, was summoned instead. Arcand fought Belzav for a thousand years to protect Narr and successfully sealed the Belzav, the God of evil. Just before he was sealed, Belzav cursed Arcand by linking their souls.

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    Welcome game Shadowblood! As the years passed, Arcand slowly turned into an evil dragon full of hatred, and started to threaten Narr's peace. Heroes from all across Narr have gathered to fight this evil dragon. These heroes have come to be called the “shadow blood”.
    Eve – is the daughter of a petty thief. She was captured by a group of assassins when her father made a mistake. No longer the naive looking girl, she is training to become an assassins. Claude is the youngest son of a noble family. He was a happy boy with loving parents and brothers until an accident took everything from him. Now he is a cold blooded assassin. Robin is a descendant of the hero, Godly archer of the kingdom. Fascinated by heroic tales as a child, he left home when he became an adult to seek out adventures of his own.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Shadowblood android codes: orphaned Bella lived with her elderly grandmother, an herbalist. On her grandmother's deathbed, she learned of a sister and set off to find her long lost family. Kai's mother was killed by Belzav's curse during the war between Arcand and Belzav. As a result, Kai's soul was transferred from his mother's womb into her armor. Kai wields the hammer he inherited from his father. Filled with rage, he vows to avenge his mother's death. Agatha and her sweetheart were messengers of the Atran kingdom when he was killed by an assassins as he was delivering a package to another country. Agatha is still looking for his killer. some items can only be purchased from black market merchant. Use the skill settings to create a set of skills you prefer. Polish and upgrade your soulstone to make it more powerful.

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