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    Hacked Paramon Clash android, ios

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    • treasure — 02MYox ;

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    • evolve — BVju8l ;

    • enhance — fPkXix .

    Paramon Clash android, ios hack codes

    Hey, Dr. Frances says 'the alliance' is giving away a new batch of Paramons. You'll make a name for yourself if you train hard enough. Top area shows the opponents level and health. Once their health reaches 0, your character wins! Two energy points are given before each round. Active skills can only be triggered with a full energy bar. Power points will be given for every attack your opponent throws at you. Your special skills can only be triggered with a full power bar. The skill icon lights up when energy bar is full.

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    Welcome game Paramon Clash! Zupedo – a water type character, can evolve three times. It's known for its skill called bubble beam. It uses its head to block attack. Verdoe – a grass type, can evolve three times. It's cute tail can emit sweet scen. It can also measure humidity and temperature. Tygnite – a fire type. Despite its harmless appearance, it can easily do some serious damage. Water type heroes are much stronger when it is rainy. Dr. Frances said that trainers in the past could use up to 6 pets at once. Just remember that experience potion is the only tool for leveling up paramon.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Paramon Clash android codes: if you start to feel it is hard to clear the stages try other events will help. Friendship store controlled by a mystic organization, merchandise there are different time by time. Later stages reward more experience. It said trading skill books is possible in the market. As long as you have panda, slash can be used both panda in battle team or not. Your power bar is full which means your special skill is ready for use. All special skills are powerful. You can raise a character's base stat through enhancement. Your meets all the criteria for enhancement.

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