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    Hacked Gumballs & Dungeons android, ios

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    Gumballs & Dungeons android, ios hack codes

    Most game stories are telling how the heroes defeat the monsters, but our story begins with the puny little gumball! He going to take an adventure and be a great hero! Adventurer's forest – the southern forest is the only way that lead to the hero village. Your adventure trip will start now. Pick up your sword and stand the test of war! How can you start your adventure? No worry, let me show you how to survive in the maze. You see, you haven't flipped the slates yet. Click to see what is under. Good! Now, let's continue to flip the slate.

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    Welcome game Gumballs & Dungeons! Enhance furnace – increase coins production by one million each time. Recruit artisan – permanently increase 5 more gumball artisans (automatically yield resources every 30 seconds). The rune is EP. It can help enhance your power. Enemies are everywhere in the maze. You must defeat the enemy first and then you can continue to march forward. Don't worry. As to most of the enemies, when you attack them, they would cause damage to you. Health potion – when you are injured during your adventure, you can use it to recover health. You can try to enhance your power. Your career title is shown on the left, you need to upgrade it.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Gumballs & Dungeons android codes: collect 7 dragon balls in a maze to summon divine dragon. Complete circus quests to get lots of rewards. When you have enough EP rune, you can learn stronger titles. Long press enemy to see its features. Be careful not to touch it. Venom – poison the attacker when counterattacking (lose health each round, it lasts 3 rounds). Each enemy in the maze possesses special abilities, including the boar you came across last time. Carefully look nearby and see if you can pick up any item, which could help you defeat the enemy. Use spell scroll to protect yourself from monsters' counterattack. Each scroll can only be used once. If you come across stronger enemies in future, you can use spell scroll to protect yourself.

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