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    Vimala Defense Warlords android, ios hack codes

    Greetings, warrior! Welcome to the new android world! This is Aranya kingdom, your hometown. Aranya Kingdom has been scattered and we need your help to re-unify Aranya Kingdom and rebuild the Empire once more. Select your hero and press status. Levanti – a young human warrior who has a strong heart and ambition to unite all of the continents.
    Now that you're prepared, it's time to head into battle. I'll be your guide. Let's re-unify Aranya kingdom!

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    Welcome game Vimala Defense Warlords! I'm here to teach you the basic of engaging in battle in the World of Vimala. SKIRMISH MODE is a strategic tower defense game mode. The Units and Heroes levels will be reset once a skirmish battle has ended. DUNGEON MODE is an endless battle mode. Units and Heroes are automatically adjusted to the maximum level. Energy bar – it shows how many energy point (EP) you have. Invading a fortress requires 3 EP. Going on a quest requires 1 energy point. EP will be replenished at the start of your turn. Population – it shows the number of units you currently have and the maximum number of units possible. Max population can be increased by upgrading your capital.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Vimala Defense Warlords android codes: using potions wisely will help you win the battle. The equipment will affect your hero's status in every game mode inside Vimala. Players can bring up to 6 heroes in dungeon mode. Gold is used to hire units and to purchase potions and upgrades. Certain fortresses will produce gold during each turn. You can also get more gold by completing quests or battling enemies. Stones are required to hire units and upgrade fortresses or skills. Similar to gold, stones are produced by certaint fortresses and can be obtained though battles and quests. The weather clock – the icon at the center of the clock shows the current weather phenomenon. During battle, the weather phenomenon could give you an advantage or a disadvantage.

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