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    Kingdom Conquest II android, ios hack codes

    Magna, a land of monsters and magic. In a time long forgotten, a fierce war raged to determine the hegemony of Magna. The millennium war – many mysteries surround the outcome of this epic war. Why did such a long standing, grueling struggle so suddenly? The legends do not tell much, but of one result they are all certain. From the chaos emerged a single king, conqueror of all Magna. More that ten years have passed since our base in Magna was founded. Thanks to your guidance, we have developed the land and protected the people, while slaying monsters to grow our territory.

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    Welcome game Kingdom Conquest II! That day. the monsters disappeared from Magna. A millennium passed, and one day. when the memories of this age of blood had vanished from the memories of mankind...Suddenly, a gaping hole appeared in the skies. A tower came falling down with a thunderous roar, reducing the cities and lands of Magna to ruins. And as the dark tower protruded from the landscape like a knife in a wound, a host of monsters poured forth. The land of Magna was bathed in blood once again. Those who managed to survive hid underground, to live the remainder of their lives in endless fear. But one day... A woman, clad in beautiful armor, appeared in front of me.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kingdom Conquest II android codes: position your home territory – tap the ok button to confirm base selection, this cannot be changed later. Swordsman – equipped with sword and shield, he can protect allies while slaying enemies. A class which excels in defense rather than offense. Saint – heals allies with holy magic. This is the only class that uses recovery magic. A valuable asset to any party. Mage – manipulates various kinds of attack magic to ward off enemies. Can cast magic from a distance, but should never be caught surrounded. Ninja – unleashes attacks by swinging two swords at once. Relies on speed and special moves to terminate foes, but is weaker in defense.

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