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    Hacked War of Knights android, ios

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    War of Knights android, ios hack codes

    Let's have a talk with the Gray wizard before enemy forces arrive. The devil's Eye has discovered this place. Get ready for battle. However, you must stay with real warriors to resist the evil invasion. They love to chat over a few drinks in the tavern. We have to collect some partner soul album before we can recruit partners. The tavern isn't far from here. Just follow the path and you'll find it. Select a class tag to check partners you can recruit. Recently recruited partners need to be put into formation before taking part in battle.

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    Welcome game War of Knights! After anger is full, tap the skill icon to release an ultimate. Long range heroes can attack specific targets. Select the right target to use charged energy on it. Partner albums can be gained by finishing tasks and achievements. During creating equipment, tap on the required resources to display the resource output. After completing formation, you and your partners can start a battle. When you have enough partner albums, you can recruit new partner in the tavern. Use gold to enhance equipment.

    Secrets cheat gameplay War of Knights android codes: elf prince – good at killing the foe with his accurate arrows, critical damage increases by 50%. Taking too long to clear the stage will reduce one star of the final result. Tap the top right of the main screen on the task tracking button to automatically find the way. Tap on an enemy to set him or her as your primary target. New recruit need to be added to the formation in order to take part in battles. Tap the hero button to check their current status. Tap the equipment slot to add equipment. Tap the forge button to enter the equipment forging interface. Just tap this button when all resources are collected to complete equipment creation.

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