android Slugterra Slug it Out 2
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    Hacked Slugterra Slug it Out 2 android, ios

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    Slugterra Slug it Out 2 android, ios hack codes

    Hey, it's your old buddy Cheat-on. It's been a while since we've dueled! Matching tile on the game board will charge up your slugs. Once a slug has been charged up you can fire it out of your blaster! The more tiles you match the faster your slug will charge up! Match 5 orange slug tiles to get a boost of slug energy! Tap and drag a slug into a canister to equip! Fire a higher level slug to break through and hit your opponent! Try not to singe Pronto's beautiful moustache.

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    Welcome game Slugterra Slug it Out 2! Your slug is ready to level up? Tap to select it. Tap on your slug's info to view its details. Arachnet – a helpful attack slug, Arachnet tangles the opponent with a damaging web blast and slows their slugs down. Brastipede leaves proximity mines as it flies, that explode and damage the opponent when they get hit. Frostcrawler uses its glaciator move to create a shielding ice wall in front of the player and hits the opponent with a damaging blast.

    Secrets cheat gameplay android codes: speedstinger is a very fast slug that can do a lot of damage to the opponent with lucky hits. Aquabeek – using its Aquajet attack, Aquabeek shoots towards the opponent at a very, very high speed and deals heavy damage. You do not have enough coins to upgrade your slug? Get more gold coins from the store.

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