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    Hacked Legion of Summons android, ios

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    Legion of Summons android, ios hack codes

    My lord, your territory is threatened. I'm sent to help you wipe out these threats. Rally your myth monsters and summoners at the camp. With there myth monster, you can show your enemies who is the rule on this continent. The blue bar indicates your troop health. The red bar indicates enemy troop HP. Defeat the enemy before mana runs out. As your venture forth, battles will be getting harder. Thus, we need more valiant monsters and summoners.

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    Welcome game Legion of Summons! All threats have been eliminated for now. Continue building up your power to provide better protection to your kingdom. You need provide offering to summon monsters, there are solds in Merlin's shop. Swipe over enemies to attack them. The faster you swipe, the faster you hit. Tap and hold on the enemy to fire a shot with your arm- cannon. Keep holding to lock-on and do more damage. Double tap on empty ground to dodge and avoid enemy attacks. Collect Spark Tokens from defeated enemies and you can convert to vehicle mode! Press the Spark button to convert, then DRAW a line from the vehicle to the enemies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legion of Summons android codes: double tap and hold to charge up your shoulder barge, then release towards an enemy to break their block. Grab weapon pick-ups from defeated enemies and you'll temporarily get a weapon, randomised from those you've unlocked. Weapons do more damage than fists, but have limited uses. Every troops has different strengths and weaknesses. Higher health means that a bot can take more damage. Higher agility means that a bot can run faster, shoulder-barge further, and dodge further. Higher melee means that a hero can hit harder. Higher ranged means that a hero's ranged shots lock on faster and do more damage.

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