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    Beast busters android, ios hack codes

    An organization called Anastasis had been doing research to create super-soldiers as part of their plans for world domination. One day, a young scientist working for Anastasis succeeded in an experiment to revive the dead as monsters. Once revived as monsters, these people were far stronger than they had been while alive and were called “beasts”. Anastasis revived experienced warriors from every corner of the world from their eternal sleep to create their own Beast corps. Seeing the gravity of the situation, the government dispatched a special task force to deal with the problem by destroying Anastasis. This special task force, the beast busters, intends to destroy Anastasis.

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    Welcome game Beast busters! I'm cheat-on, the leader of the Beast Busters. Our objective is to wipe those beasts off the face of the planet. Use all your might to destroy them! And we'll use all our might to back you up. Try tackling the stage selected on the lower right. We put together a great stage for testing you skills. Now, show me your stuff! Took you long enough. From now on, you'll be able to go on missions. Here, you can choose one of three difficulty levels. Tackle'em all in order, starting with normal. Take aim by swiping on the left half of the screen and fire by tapping the right half of the screen. You can keep firing with repeated taps but keep an eye on your ammo levels. When your ammo runs low, reload with the button on the right of the screen.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Beast busters android codes: you need energy to go on missions, and different stages use up different amounts. You'll recover your energy as time passes. Every stage has its own stage mission. When you clear those missions, you'll get medals as a reward. The higher the difficulty level of the stage, the bigger your reward will be. If you find BB emblems while you're on a mission, collect as many as you can. Remember, reloading can leave you wide open, so timing is everything. If you have grenades or medkits, you can use them by tapping the items shown below. Using a medkit restoring your health. You can check on it with the health gauge at the top of the screen. Using a grenade dishes out damage to all enemies, and sometimes it stuns some of them, too.

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