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    Hacked Shadow War Steam Conflict android, ios

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    Shadow War Steam Conflict android, ios hack codes

    First, we will take you in to the boot camp, learning the way of fighting. Click fort, select soldiers. Single click, send 50%. Double click, send all. Triple click, send all and the hero. Click on the non fort area, deselected. Army fort – the army has stationed in it. Of course, it will continue to produce the army soldiers. Our goal is to capture all enemy fort. Observe the route on the groung, army soldiers can only move forward along the route, and only move to the next one. Neutral fort – they will not attack you, but you can attack and occupy it, and provide you with more manpower.

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    Welcome game Shadow War Steam Conflict! Battle surviving troops already stationed in the fort. Double click on fort, will select all the soldiers. In the battle, we need to send all soldiers in the rear fort to the front. Dispatch troops to the front faster& more rational, is the secret of win. Each fort has a production ceiling, the limit is reached, no longer in production. When the soldiers encountered the enemy soldiers in the wild, they will attack each other, until they beyond the attack range. Air force fort – it will produce the airmen. Air force can attack the army fort. But, after winning the fight, they can not stationed in it. Surviving soldiers will return to the starting fort. Missiles can attack any fort, including your own fort, be careful! They will explode. If missiles won, sent other soldiers to garrison the fort.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Shadow War Steam Conflict android codes: heroes divided army & air force. They can use skills to cause special effects. The amount of the heres which you can use, depending on your military rank, up to 3. Army can only move to the next, air force & missile can move freely. Fort automatic output soldiers. When the number is no longer growing, it has reached the production ceiling. After hero died, click it for the resurrection. The hero will be changed to outside mode, you can drag or click to enter the battlefield again. Soldiers arrived, they will attack automatically. If they won, occupied the fort. If the target is army fort, they will be stationed on it. Otherwise, they will go back. Army can only move to the next, air force&missile can move freely.

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