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    Hacked Conquerors Dice android, ios

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    • level up — bYTHJh ;

    • unlimited dumpling — 7nxbIa ;

    • lord card — e3iGT8 ;

    • cube — CGPxNX ;

    • gold bar — lPHRqZ ;

    • silver — wQOQQY ;

    • multiplayer coin — mcf81k .

    Conquerors Dice android, ios hack codes

    Hello! I see you're a new lord. My name is cheat-on. Greetings to you! You look like a very talented lord. Did you just say no matter how talented you are, it's no use if you don't know anything about this place? I'll teach you how you can survive in this world. You can play the scenario with the three kingdoms in single mode. You win if you occupy all the important bases on the map. Okay then, why don't you take a look around before you start? If your soldiers reach zero, it means the end! With soldiers in the castle included, the rank is calculated.

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    Welcome game Conquerors Dice! I'll help you as it's your first try. Roll three dices when you hit the red spot. Unlike other dices which only shows the numbers on the marking, the third dice makes special events to happen! Occupy the castle, and you'll get tax money and interest. Overpower your enemy with your brain. Gambling house: challenge to gather more soldiers. Recruit office: scattered troops to my force. Training yard: upgrade my general's ability! Twice more for the ladies. The general will be less capable if his vitality is low. Try to maintain vitality at the right level. When you arrive at someone else's castle, you can try to take over the castle like this. Let's do some damage on the enemy who's trying to take away your castle!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Conquerors Dice android codes: click the recommended general button – you can use the most suitable generals like this. Never forget to click save after you finish assigning your general. Also, can you see the number on the top right corner of the generals? If you use the generals other than the basic ones, you can only use them for a limited time. The number will decrease by 1 every time you do a multiplayer game. Don't forget that you will have to refill when the remaining tries reaches 0. You can obtain the generals that can't be refilled because your level is still too low by using the scenario reward!

    Tips Conquerors Dice: You'll be spending 1 dumpling whenever you start multiplayer mode. Gold bar is used to buy high quality items. You can obtain gold bars from events or by playing. Coins is used to buy items. You can obtain coins by playing the game. Level – this is your current level. You will receive a gift whenever you level up. The total damage shows how much damage you can inflict on your opponent. You can also receive rewards that will make you stronger up to 10 times a day.

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