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    Eternal Fate android, ios hack codes

    Our land is under attack by the corrupted king and we must collect long host heroes to defend ourselves. We've protected this summoning crystal for eons in the event that the corruption returned. We will use it to summon the soul of a hero from across time to add to our army! We will use this ancient hero for now but we must summon more powerful heroes if we want to win this war. Watch out, there's a corrupted spire in your way! Those terrible things are poisoning our land, creating monsters everywhere. Destroy it.

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    Welcome game Eternal Fate! Erick – like many from the outerlands, this lumberjack found himself homeless when the corruption swept in and destroyed his livelihood. With nothing but the axe in his hand, he is looking for a little playback against the darkness that stole his home. Torad – like many from the fire kingdom, strength is the only thing that matters to him. Having bested many mortals in combat, he sets out to prove his strongest entity the world has yet seen: the corruption.
    Slide your left thumb anywhere on the screen to move your hero in that direction. The marker points to your current goal. Follow it. Tap the action button to swing at the closest enemy! Keep moving through the dungeon and defeat all enemies you encounter! Red chests contain healing potions! Move over the chest to restore your health!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Eternal Fate android codes: you can turn music and sound effect volume on and off in the setting menu from the options menu. All loot from a chest goes to everybody currently in the dungeon. Pick up bombs and other objects in the world and throw them at enemies to get an edge in battle. Create multiple load outs to deal with monsters of each element. Health potions are used immediately when you find them. Summoning a hero takes time. The stronger the hero, the more time they will take to summon. You can summon a hero instantly using rubies or hack cheats. Tap the speed up button to summon a new hero. To gain more crystals, defeat monsters and dungeons or purchase crystals by tapping the “buy more” button.

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