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    Soul Knight android, ios hack codes

    Magic stones are sacred relics maintaining the balance of the world. One day, a bunch of bad guys stole the magic stones, and the world descended into chaos. Can you take back the magic stones? Open the chest and pick up the weapon. Use the portal to end tutorial. Save your energy. Most weapons require energy to fire. If you are out of energy, you can switch to melee attack by closing up to the enemies.

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    Welcome game Soul Knight! Go to the door to start the game. Melee weapons can bounce bullets. Increase the change of potion drop when breaking crates. Armor will automatically regenerate after a while. When shield is down, use cover. Grab the old hero from the inventory list and place them into a support slot to buff your new hero with their stats and passive skill. Only after the garrison, the fort will produce soldiers. Heroes divided army& air force. They can use skills to cause special effects. The amount of the heroes which you can use, depending on your military rank, up to 3.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Soul Knight android codes: army can only walk on the ground line. Air force ignore route, can cross any obstacles. Missile can also cross any obstacles. Missile attack is the most effective means of attack. In the battle, please give priority to occupy the missile fort. The surviving soldiers will return to the starting fort, they can not be stationed at the missile fort. Missile can kill large numbers of soldiers. In the battle, priority use of missiles, is the secret of win. Missiles can cross any obstacles, and attack any enemy. Military rank very important, it will affect many functions. For neutral fort, the number of soldiers was configured before the battle. After been attacked, it not be resotred.

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