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Since the dawn of time. Humans have always feared the darkness. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts...Although it differs slightly from culture to culture, people’s fear of the darkness has grounded them into living conservatively. In the current world... Thanks to wars, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, accidents caused by humans error, and daily incidents of murder...Humans have grown to fear the actions of their own kind even more than the darkness itself. This is the story of a group of heroes who have stood up to fight back against such a corrupted society.

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The quality of the human souls is decreasing by the day. Before we get going adventure. I’ve gathered some support forces to help you with your tasks. These people will come along and follow you, as Prinny instructors in training. Warrior - physical attack and close combat are his specialties. Magician - take care of the magic attack. Cleric - support you with healing powers. Fighter, Red skull, and healer have become your followers.
After death, the souls of human sinners are sent to Hades. When they arrive in Hades, the Netherworld’s prison, they are processed to become Prinnies at the Prinny factory. The Prinnies go through extensive training in Hades before being sent off to the Netherworld or Celestia. They are to work diligently in a strict and harsh environment until they can pay for their sins.

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I’ll start with the basics of battle! Anyone can fight a battle, but no one can win without knowing these basics. First, bring the cursor to the base panel and press A. Then select a character and press A again to summon them to the battle map. If you pick the wrong one, move the cursor over to that character and press b to cancel the command. If the map is hard to see, rotate your view counter clockwise with the L or clockwise with R. You can change your point of view by pressing L code or R cheat while holding down Y. You’ll need these commands for certain maps so it’ll be good for you to make note of this now.
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Let’s learn to give hack commands to the summoned characters. As you may already know, i like fighting my enemies face to face. Therefore, i am moving next to the enemy. When the move is done, select the attack command. That’s all it takes to issue commands. Now, let’s execute the registered cheat commands. Bring up the menu with X and select execute or end turn. That’s the flow of actions. Now remember, it’s just command>X> execute. Why can’t we attack immediately? Because you must also consider team attacks and combos when you battle. And there you have team attacks and combos. A team attack code can activate when two to four allies are next to each other on the battle map. Combos activate when consecutive attacks are aimed at a single target. The longer the combo, the stronger each attack gets.

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As you requested, i’ve set up a weapon shop, armor shop, and a general store. Each character can equip up to one weapon and three equipment items. The general store mostly sells consumables such as healing items, which you should always have handy. By using equipment hack code, you can customize your fighting style by either focusing on weapons or focusing on armor. Please consult Zommie, for more details about weapons. he’s an expert in that field. You can heal all damage taken in battle in one fell swoop. When equipping weapons, i suggest you select the weapon the character is proficient in. FnqSIG - shooting pack
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