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In 2012, with the Arrival of the first MIRACLE, Humanity once on the brink of collapse. Then a group of ESPERS saved world with their supernatural powers. However...Can't believe we're actually leaving this place. You deserve a bigger stage for your talents. Leave your enemy with no chance! The Advent of the Goddess will cut off her last hope. The Union Airship will swiftly take us to the Training Ground. This is where your training begins. The Union is made of the five main departments: operations, enforcement, training, research, and logistics. Leadership is with the Hub. Discboom introduses Brynn to the structure of the Esper Union, and brings her to the training grounds, where Ops Chief Drew becomes her training instructor. Try our Brynn's divine power Rock'n'Roll!

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hack Dislyte Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Brynnis even more powerful with her Advent of the Goddess! Drew acknowledges Brynn's talent and offers to give a demonstration in their training sessions. Discboom also gives Brynn guidance on how to improve herself. Brynn's Rock'n'Roll can inspire the whole team and boost teammates attack power. This scarecrow looks strong. Select it as a target and make sure you defeat it! Next try out the power of Drew's Death's Judgment! Certain attributes are stronger or weaker against certain other attributes, adding a natural buff or debuff effect.

cheat Step #2: Have you noticed you just got a Relic in your adventure? Don't forget to equip it to any of your Espers for a mighty boost! Relic can grant Espers powerful boost! Why not equip one to Mona now? You wan't believe how much difference a whole Set of Relics can make. Let's collect as many as we can in Story stages!

code Step #3:You got the job done perfectly! Don't forget to pick up your reward. Did you know Story stages are a fast route to Esper XP? It might be a good time to take on Story 1-6! The captain's position - place an Esper with Captain Ability here to activate powerful strength and boost the whole team!

Dislyte Step #4: SPD is worth a lot given it's ability to affect when an Esper gets to move. Don't forget to check the Action Bar from time to time in battles. Death Judgement - Deals damage to an enemy equal to 220% of ATK. If the target dies, perform a bonus attack against a random enemy, dealing damage equal to 150% of ATK. The bonus attack can be triggered up to 2 times within a turn.

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    free daily deal - #DkkHB584O
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    gift box - #zweFv3eiR
    month card - #1HKL3vOoa
    e-cash - #cIVQT1U2I
    admission certificates - #cxYMOLz3h
    double XP - #MkOYqr0eT
    admin panel - #ipIx9Cq2e
    stamina - #Zuon4Eybp
    turrets - #akJsqyvXy
  • Did you know Story stages are a fast route to Esper XP? It might be a good time to take on Story 1-6!
  • Complete Relic Sets deliver a big power boost. Why not equip all 4 items of the Wrath of Jupiter Set to an Esper for a massive ATK boost? Unsure who give it to? How about Mona?
  • When a Linked unit is attacked, their counterpart also receives 80% of damage dealt in this attack.
  • Joke of the Aether - Locks on to an enemy and selects another at random before dealing damage to both equal to 160% of ATK and inflicting Link for 2 turns. Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Heartbreaker - Deals damage to all enemies equal to 90% of ATK with an 50% chance of inflicting ATK Down for 2 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns
  • Lover's Curse - Deals damage to an enemy equal to 100% of ATK with an 40% chance of inflicting DEF Down for 2 turns.
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How fo i obtain a gift code?

The latest redemption codes are as follows: JoinDislyte (expiration date: 2022/8/31 23:59 UTC). We've prepared all sorts of event and rewards across a variety of social platforms for the global launch. Search and follow Dislyte on Facebook, Discors, and twiter for the latest information.

How to use the gift code for android users is as follows:
Tap " avatar - settings - services - gift code" and enter your gift code.
How to use the gift code for IOS users is as follows:
1. Open the link below in your browser: cdkey.farlightgames .com/dislyte-global
2. Enter your UID and tap 'get verification' (tap your avatar in the upper left screen. Your UID is shown below your avatar)
3. THe code will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please go check it for the verification code.
4. Enter the code in the browser and tap log in.
5. Select your character and enter the gift code to redeem.
6. When successfully redeemed rewards wil be sent to your in-game mailbox for you to claim.