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Free hack Disney Epic Quest cheats code list - gold, energy, rank up, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Disney Epic Quest cheat world: once upon a time in the Digi kingdoms, where everything is made up of pixels, life flourushed. At the heart of the Digi Kingdoms is the motherboard. The power source of all pixels.
One day, a virus named Syntax entered the motherboard and infected it. Syntax created portals within the motherboard to attack the digi kingdoms.

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The kingdoms used cryption keys to battle the virus. But Syntax was too strong. And the keys were destroyed. With the cryption keys gone. Syntax was able to infect the kingdoms. And open portals beyond the digi kingdoms. These portals hacked an opening to the real world, scanning and copying its data. That is how you both ended up here. Ypu are trapped inside the motherboard, as digital copies of yourselves made of pixels. I have the power to free you. However, only after the motherboard is restored will you be able to go home.

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Now that you're out of the motherboard, let me explain a few things. When you became a pixel, it altered your molecular structure slightly. And i don't feel like i've changed either. Being a pixel has given you new powers and abilities.
Controls: The red circle indicates on immediate danger. Tap the dodge button to avoid it. Use sword button to attack and destroy all enemy. Use skills to unleach powerful attacks. You also have an ultimate skill attack. Attacking enemies charges up your ultimate skill.

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