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Free hack Disney Sorcerer's Arena cheats code list - legendary characters, spells, gold, promo ticket, energy, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Disney Sorcerer's Arena cheat world: step into the sorcerer’s arena where enchanted cards come to life to do battle. The forces of evil will oppose you, so you must deal with them. When foes appear, characters immediately move to battle. But your help is required, because you wield powerful magic! Let’s cast sorcerer apprentice Mickey’s ability now! But remember, special abilities cost magic to cast.

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Another enemy approaches, use you special abilities to attack! You’ve reached the final Encounter where magic generates twice as fast. Over time you’ll collect and build a deck of heroes, Villains, and spells to use across many different game modes. YOu received enough Sulley tokens to unlock Sulley from monsters, inc! YOu’ve unlocked Sulley - he’s an excellent front line defense character who is good at protecting allies.

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Let’s collect the quest rewards for unlocking Sulley. Each time you complete a quest you will receive rewards. Well done! Your next quest takes place within the heroes adventure. Let’s test Sulley on the field of combat! Tap heroes adventure and your characters are off to fight villainy. You earn rewards to upgrade your characters by sending them into battle.

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Congratulations, your player level has increased! Increasing your player level unlocks new features and game modes! You received some level upgrade potions for reaching player level! Let’s level up Mickey to increase his power! Be sure to keep an eye out for the red notification dots on icons> This means something is new or needs your attention. Leveling up a character increases their power and makes them stronger in battle. You can only level up your characters to your current player level.

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