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Disney Mirrorverse Game story: legend says there were once two stars that collided. And from the worlds you know new ones were created, familiar yet...different. This Mirrorverse was home to transformed heroes and villains, who coexisted side by side. Until one day, that peace was shattered. At the heart of the Mirrorverse sits the stellar mirror, source of all magic. Its power is coveted by mysterious forces, who want it for their own evil ends.

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These enemies advance upon the mirror, and a lone champion uses all his sorcerous skill to fight them off. But though his battle is hard fought, his strength is depleting. And as the darkness closes in, he sends a distress signal throughout the Mirrorverse, hoping it will be answered.
I sure could use your help! Your guardians will start attacking enemies on their own. You gain aman after every hit. Tap enemies to target them.

Disney Mirrorverse cheats, hack codes

Use your mana to trigger special actions. The enemy Goon is charging up a special action! You can counter them by spending your mana. Sometimes it’s best to evade an enemy’s special action. Tap anywhere on the ground to dodge. Goon has a blue special action. You can only counter them with your own blue special action. Or you can attack them with your other special action.
Tap crystals cheat code to open the star crystal you obtained. Opening some kinds of star crystals grants you guardian shards. Collect enough of a guardian’s shards to unlock that guardian.
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Tap guardians to power up your new heroes. Balanced teams of different roles are more effective than teams of just one role. If you tap on a single guardian’s icon during a battle, you can control just them. Tap their icon again to go back to controlling the party. When your character is injured, tap on the heal icon to heal them. Need to rank up your guardians and their talents? Get upgrade gems drom daily quests.
Move Sulley to the middle of a group of enemies and use his special to try and stun all of them. Find enough guardian shards to unlock more guardians as you play! Equip talents to make heroes stronger and get more abilities. You can find talents in most kinds of star crystals.

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