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. Discover - adventure sword, premium drawing colleague, strengthen stone, gold, hero drawing crystal, crystal of strong light, solid, sharp, unifrom costume, enhance, ruby, premium package (New York, Unated state).

Pick a warrior who will join you on this journey. Ariel (strider ranger) - Using arrows and a dagger, she is very quick in attacking and hitting in close combats. Her long range attacks can reach any place in the battlefield, leaving her enemies helpless. Lunaris (Southern witch) – while close battles are not her strongest point, she deals fire and lightning with her alchemy. Her powerful magic attacks vanish her enemies quickly. Karina (sword master) – using a one-handed weapon, her reach is shot but her speed is fast. Her right-minded personality and her direct and powerful attack can't be stopped by anyone.
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Awakening monster raid is a staggering experience when you complete an adventure. If number of messages is over 100, they'll be deleted starting with the oldest. Scenario mode – your adventure begins with a story! Guild battle – test your unity on an intense battlefield (only players over level 30 with a guild can join). Daily dungeon – new rewards every day. Day dungeons are different from difficulty, so you need to be careful. Matching the timing of the bounce will make it easier to hit the boss. PVP winning streaks can earn extra bonus points.

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Discover: the lost prince  - equipment upgrades
Items below the legendary rating can be upgraded if they achieve 30 levels. Touch an equipment slot to display information about the equipped item. Equipment management: main weapon, sub weapon, helment, armour, gloves, boot, necklace, ring, bracelet, costume. You can choose up to 5 materials for level up. If you reach maximum level, you can upgrade. Items below the legendary rating can be upgraded if they achieve 30 levels. Discover: the lost prince  - strengthening colleagues
Use the same co-worker who achieved level 30 up to 10 levels can be strengthened colleagues. Discover: the lost prince  - hack magic jewel gems
Magical gems can be acquired from adventure or hack cheats code game. You can wear magic gems on your equipment. They have different special effects for each attribute and area. If it is difficult to clear the stage, please try the bug buff item. Discover: the lost prince  - recovery items
If Health or mana points is low, destroying nearby objects may result in recovering items. The secret room of the adventure map has a treasure or a monster. Discover: the lost prince  - skill combo
Skills: magic missile – hit enemy 3 times and deal damage equal to 219% of magical attack power. Fireball – hit enemy character and deal damage equal 220% of magical attack power. Magical shield – absorb attack using magic power shield with a durability of 5% of the character's health. Skill combo – you can mount 3 skills in one slot. When used in cooldown, this skill is activated.

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1. JdCFpD – adventure sword;
2. LiujKa – premium drawing colleague;
3. TRDdex – strengthen stone;
4. CKUgOe – gold;
5. TmjnBv – hero drawing crystal;
6. W4Jaur – crystal of strong light, solid, sharp;
7. j3xS1a – unifrom costume;
8. ErSxm7 – enhance
9. HrTbd1 – ruby
10. Ifvr32 – premium package

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