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Main target - occupy the missile silo to attain final victory. Occupy a base to obtain resurrection items. Purchase firearm attachments and armors by gold. Basic controls: drag the joystick to move your character. Excellent, next is the shooting practice. See the enemy ahead? Move the muzzle and shoot with the fire button. Everyone uses their firearms in different syles, so set a suitable sensitivity and save it. Tap to aim cheat and adjust the sensitivity of low powered scope.

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FAim and shoot the enemies ahead to test your sensitivity settings. To deal with enemies at a distance, switch to firearms with high powered scope. Tap to aim and adjust the sensitivity of high powered scope. When there are breakable doors and windows in buildings, taking advantage of them will bring you some surprise. By climbing to the top of buildings so rushing to unexpected locations, you can launch a surprise attack on enemies. Even fighting indoor, suitable sensitivity settings are crucial.

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Abilities can make a difference in a battle. Activate pulse detection to defeat enemies highling behind walls. Good preparation enable you to make a good start in fierce battles. Choose your preferred control settings.
Your last training lesson is a practical simulation, which is launched on a mediterranean island. This island is currently occupied by black rain mercenaries. Our reports show that have decided to launched missiles as a revenge attack against the Capone family. See the enemy team ahead? Go defeat them!
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Have you recalled anything? Plague doctor said that this mission might help you to recover your memories. Anyway, our mission target is the missile silo in the center of this island. We must capture the missile silo and stop mercenaries from launching the missiles.
The black rain has set up a defense system on the island. We need to land by boat and break through their defenses to reach the missile silo in the center of the island.
Note that reports indicate that there will be multiple forces fighting for the missile silo, and each bounty hunter has their own objectives, so expect competition even among the team.

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You can even make the most of revive to develop unique tactics. YtpPZY - wanted order: obtain coins if hit an enemy.
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