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You can see an overview of the needs of nearby houses by clicking on their corresponding marketplace. You can hover your cursor on almost everything to get a helpful little tooltip if you want to see some more information. Small warehouses contain starting goods that will keep your residents happy for a time, but you'll soon need to start producing your own to keep them satisfied. To get starting producing goods, you'll need to unlock some basic production buildings. Open the tech tree to do this. The tech tree has a number of tech nodes, each one will have specific requirements. To unlock a node, you must first focus on one. Set your focus on the resource working tech node. Unlocking this will give you a gatherer's hut, lumberyard, water well and all of the goods that come with them; wood, berries and water. Just as well, people tend cranky when they're hungry.

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The requirements to unlock resource working have been added as a quest in the top right for you to keep track. When you complete a quest, be sure to click the trick to dismiss it! Use what you've learned so far to complete the quest. And be aware, buildings will now cost maintenance monthly. With resource working unlocked, you are ready to build a lumberyard. Having efficient buildings means they have good product output, so it's in your interests to have the maximum amount of employees working there at all times. Make sure you've got enough residents, and at a push, you can increase your building's job priority. The progress bar tells you how far along a building is into producing its goods. Most buildings have upgrades available. For an upfront materials cost this will increase their output, but it will also cost more maintenance. I'd suggest trying to purchase an upgrade whenever you uncover new building materials. If you have the crescents, you can place a construction site down in advance. As the required materials become available, they'll automatically be transfered to the construction site.
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