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It was already too late when they called us. The rescue team was ready for anything. But then... that right light...before i could open my eyes. We’re the only ones left. This is the entrance to the building> Send the first polar explorer inside. To do this, tap anywhere inside the building. Enter the building through the open door.

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Select the second polar explorer. To do this, tap on the portrait at the bottom of the screen. Attributes - these are the vital signs of the selected explorer. They show his or her current well being. Warmth - this is the temperature of the polar explorer. IF it becomes too low, the character can become sick. Try to avoid this. Building is not heated and the explorers are freezing. Fire up furnace to warm the place up.

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Planks can be found throughout the polar base. They make a good source of fuel and can be used for numerous repairs. To pick up planks, tap on them, then tap on the task icon that appears. You have planks in your inventory? To fire up the furnace, tap on the appropriate task icon. If a building with a lit furnace is cold, check the windows. Open and broken windows prevent a building from warming up. The building is now warm and the polar explorers are no longer freezing. The cabinet contained a jaket. YOu can find jackets that provide varying degrees of protection from the cold throughout the base. The warmer a jacket keeps a character, the longer the character can be in the cold without losing health. To place a jacket on an explorer, open the inventory and drag it to the jacket slot next to the desired character.

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Remember to keep an eye on how much fuel is left in the furnace. This is displayed on the icon above. It’s time to explore the next room. The building is dark because the generator is out of fuel. In dark rooms, polar explorers move slowly and must rely on their pocket lights. Start the generator as soon as possible so you don’t miss something useful. There’s a can of gas on shelf. If it’s full, it will refuel three generators. Characters: Ben - is known as a Jack of all trades in his hometown, where he grew up in a family of farmers. A do it yourself mastermind, he can build and fix anything, even when he doesn’t have the necessary tools. His considerable skills set also saves valuable resources for repairing other damaged items. This character needs fewer resources for making repairs.

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