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Cheat Divine Brawl hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Divine Brawl Cheats
1000 fragments - use hack #0sIoHdnLK
10 legendary divine chest - enter pass #j91AnMtEP
500 honor - #0IqqQO4ky
2000 gems - #yQM3NdJlA
unlock heroes - #ygvF78nvK
double rewards - #OX24epTkw
1 Month Card code - #fMEA0POrX
upgrade cheat - #yzTI04Abs
off ads - #UhII9rgQq
5000 gold coins - #N4aPG950m
secret combination - #yfUG2092f
level up - #aokLY8ANP
gears - #7lkHHoMZF
battle pass - #0cdIsV86K
treasure chest - #sEiizwiMi
booster - #01FgKckVO
special reward - #hH7jTIR2Q
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Divine Brawl Skills
Inspiring (passive) - increases the power gained after each succesful step during the minigame. Power leech - increase your power and decrease your opponent's. Performance - increases the power of the team at the end of the minigame. Tricky (passive) - reduce your opponent power depending on his score at the mini game.
Divine Brawl Basics
Select your champion to send him into battle. Participating to the different mini games allow you to increase the power of your hero to surpass your adversary.
You have obtained enough fragments to create a tablet. Assemble it quickly to get new rewards. With every victory, you'll get new fragments to craft new tablets all along the game.
1. By beating other players you will accumulate trophies which will allow you to progress through leagues and will give you access to many rewards.
2. Increase your total trophies to unlock rewards and reach new leagues. Each past league increases the difficulty of mini games and the quality of rewards unlocked in chests and tablets.
3. No moves left? Use cheats codes, or Dice to rearrange the tiles and continue playing.
4. A collection can be assembled out of collection items. TO do this, you must find five items and combine them into the sixth. With each assembled collection, you become one step closer to acquiring rarities that will make earning rewards even easier. To assemble collections, you will also need resources like Garnet necklaces.
Your heroes are divided between 4 classes. The fighters are strong against the strikers. The strikers - against the mystics. The mystics> the supports. Choosing a team of various classes will allow you to try to counter the choices of your opponent and thus increase your chances of victory.
Patch Version
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Hack Release Date14 September 2020
Last Modified14 September 2020
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