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Great God, i will follow the ancient prayers and make my last prayer. If you don’t respond, your tribe will perish today. Heroes, thanks for your coming! Please lead the survivors of the tribe to fight the Barbarian king! The tribal people will forever remember your kindness. The survivors are praying to you for your blessings. Allow me to serve you as my lord!

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You once told us that any civilization needs a main base. Our fortress can assemble troops with powerful heroes within the capital city’s effect scope.
Knowledge of mortal wars helps you better guide us to victory. Mail - here are recent battle reports, you can review them at any time.
Each member in the troop has its own range. if the enemy is our of the member’s range, it cannot be attacked by this member. But we don’t have to destroy all the enemies. We can also win by defeating the leader of the enemy. Every battle has a record, and you can view the replay at any time.

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Resource building increases resource output. You can choose a land to build. The same type of land around the resource building will provide it with claimable output buff. I believe you will find the most suitable building location.
To build a construction will get one dominance returned. Buildings do not cost dominance, so you can expand more land. Res. lands of the same type within the effect scope of the resource building grant output buff to that particular building.

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The fastest way to increase the force of our troops is to spend resources on conscription. Higher force means more strength to fight.
We need to exercise our heroes, as long as the heroes of the army become stronger, our military’s power will also increase. For those heroes who follow your lead, allocating attributes points will make them stronger.

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  • Main base with higher level will allow us to build more advanced buildings. After upgrading the main base, cost limit will increase, which allows to deploy stronger heroes on our troops.
    In addition, prosperity will also inject strength into our civilization. The higher level the main base is, the more types of buildings can be built.
  • You can show your power to bless your top level resource land among the four resources, so that it can immediately harvest to obtain the corresponding type of resources. Although this power cannot be used uninterruptedly, it will be restored at intervals.
  • You can open a sea route after occuping the harbors at both sides.

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Hack cheats tutorial Divinity Saga(wiki): Buildings:
Main base - is the political, economic and military center of a civilization. Provides a group of builders for building and upgrading buildings and provides cost limit.
Farm - continuously produces food until the materials in the farm reach upper limit. Output buff can be received from food resource lands within the effect scope.
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Atlantis - the fallen land of the ancient civilization Remulia, the hometown of many water fairies, sea monsters and sea creatures, was once found at the bottom of the Abyss, surrounded by the undercurrents.
Middle Earth - the barbarians living on this land had overthrown the ruling of the frost Giant with the help of the descendants of the elves.
Camelot - the survivors who inherited Elves’ blood once acclaimed a king chosen by Excalibur here. They made a sword covenant with eight knight Lords.
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