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What is this planet and what is this castle? Okay, and not from such difficulties were chosen. I hope inhabitants took the trouble to leave something for me. I broke my unit, and now i can’t fly away. If there is a workshop here, or at least a shop with tools?
Try to fins or assemble a sledgehammer from wood and stone. So you will at least correct the rocket, if, of course, you have time to extinguish it.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): I have the key to my rotten chest lying around. With these words, the strange guy handed a key and fell asleep calmly. You out the key in the lock, the lock and it opened. You kicked the rocket, but only a sharp screw fell out. As soon as unapproachable creature stepped on the screw, it screamed loudly and disappeared somewhere.
cheat, Step #2: After spending the rest of the day creating something useful, by the evening dizzy got a great percussion instrument.
Find spirit of castle - for many years he have been protecting it from the encroachments of pretty thieves and merchants. His sword is dulled by continupus work! Find a new sharp sword, and he will reward you handsomely!
Dizzy One code, Step #3: YOu expected, of course, a gift, but an old empty bucket flew in response. After standing in the rain for a while, the bucket was half full. Several accurate and powerful strikes - and the rocket is back in service!
Step #4: Nothing could stop our little egg. After refueling the rocket, he climbed into the chair and pulled the launch lever. A metallic voice counted the seconds evenly. Dizzy was drawn to sleep.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint: Dizzy One redeem codes obtain gift deluxe pack:
1. fG3k3fVTfYrVA7M
2. xpl4gc8NTmg7JBa
3. VNREne7iO4FdJGM
4. GQzEhGwV6vKs6lv
5. fhSgBqEuPoHtfbR

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