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Story dialog: Holy buckets! Finally a place to build dog resort! Although it doesn’t quite look like it did in the pictures. What a mess. It’s gonna take a lot of work, but i’m gonna turn this place into a real paradise.
- hello, Emma! I’m Mrs. Bouvier. Your mother told me you finally found a place for your resort. You see, i’m going on a trip, and i believe you’re the best person to take care of my dearest Toby. It’s a shame, but i fear i’m much too old to take him with me.
- oh, it’s great to hear from you, mrs. Bouvier. I think it may be a little too early through. I still haven’t prepared.

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We can’t disappoint Mrs. Bouvier, she’s like part of the family. I gotta get everything ready before Toby gets here. Match 3 items in a row to cut the grass under them. Level info - objectives will appear here. Clear all the grass tiles to beat this level.
Ish, this clutter sure is a dog hazard. Let’s clean the entrance for Toby’s arrival. Lobby menu - here you’ll find a list of available tasks. Much better! This place is gonna look amazing when we’re finished with it.

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Match 4 items of the same color in a row to create a special toy! You created a rocket! Swap it to activate it. Rockets will cut the grass too. You can also activate it by double tapping. Match 5 items in a T shape to create a new special toy! You can also create bombs by matching five items in an L shape. This place is a total mess. YOu don’t even have a place to lay your head. Let’s start by tidying up this area! Match 4 items in a square to discover a new special toy!
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You created a flying disc! Swap it to see what happens! Flying discs will hep you to complete the objective. I’m gonna use this spot to build you a house! Let’s match 5 items in a row. Wow, a rainbow ball! Swap it with any adjacent item to remove all items of that color! You have completed a mission? Return to the menu and end the day to receive your reward.

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