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Doom Watch cheat world: it was inconceivable. The world changed in just a few days. Under the zombie threat, we are barely holding on. But we had no idea what awaited us. Without order, we, with our survival instincts, are our biggest enemy.
Bad new, zombies are breaking through the broken wall. How are we supposed to protect everyone without power? It's always necessary to build a barrack so we can train troops.

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Barracks - are where troops are trained. Upgrade them to unlock new roop types and increase the amount of troops trained. In the beginning, barracks gave the weak a chance to survive. The HQ is the core of the shelter. You'll need it for all kinds of constructions and events. That was a close call. It would've been destroyed if we were a bit later. So we gotta level up it to strengthen the defense. That will also allow us to build more useful buildings and attend all kinds of events. Time is essential on the wasteland! We can accelerate the process with a little trick!

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YOu can reduce the construction time with free speed ups. The higher VIP level you are at, the more boosts you can use. We can train our own troops now! I swear anyone aiming at us will learn their lessons now! Even a gangster can come in handy. Thing each class can do are different, so always think before you send out the troops. I never expected all these problems before taking over a shelter. The attacks is a serious problem indeed, but we've got a more serious one now: we're running out of resources.

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You know, there's a farm and a forest beside our shelter. We can just make it ours. Farms are where food is produced. Upgrade them to increase yield and storage capacity. Only those that have starved will understand the importance of good. Besides food, we also need wood to build houses. But that's easy. Let's build a sawmill first. Sawmill - mankind learned how to manipulate wood a long time ago, but they have forgotten most of it.
Bad new, strangers are wandering around our shelter. We need more power now.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap the hero's avatar to make it engage; tap again to make it disengage. Hero attacks and injuries increase rage. When it is full, you can tap the hero avatar to use the ultimate. Use the radar to obtain more information and make your battles easier. Make hero dungeons easier by upgrading and evolving your hero and equipment. Lab - is where scientific and technological research take place. Upgrade it to accelerate research. No one denies the advances mankind has made through science, but some think that only destruction awaits.

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Tutorial Doom Watch (wiki): collect from outside the Shelter when necessary. Defensive mechanisms provided by the walls are useful when attacked. Add electrical fences to your Shelter to reduce attacks. Upgrade heroes and train more troops to make battles easier. Do researches at the lab to gain bonuses to production, construction and battle. use the bomb shelter to minimize loss when being attacked.

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